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February 21, 2022

Changes in the Amygdala Linked to Anxiety in Individuals with Autism

The MIND Institute Now Recognizes a Distinct Autism-Related Type of Anxiety The amygdala is a small, almond-shaped structure found deep within the temporal lobe of the brain. It plays a role in processing emotion and fear and has been associated to both autism and anxiety. Now, a long-term study involving hundreds of brain scans has […]

February 21, 2022

Could Childhood Infections be Associated with Autism?

New Research Suggests Infections Can Contribute to Autism and Intellectual Disability  A team of Swedish researchers set out to explore the associations between early childhood infections and later diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and intellectual disability (ID), in an attempt to understand whether any observed associations varied by their co-occurrence, age at infection, or […]

February 14, 2022

Advocacy Group Issues Statement on Language, Images, and Depictions of Severe Autism

National Council on Severe Autism Opposes Using Language that Airbrushes Reality In an effort to push back against recent efforts by autism self-advocates to substitute reality-based language in favor of terms that tend to romanticize or trivialize autism, the National Council on Severe Autism (NCSA) has issued a position statement on the topic. Their position […]

February 14, 2022

Anorexia Before or During Pregnancy Could Be Tied to ASD in Offspring

Women Experiencing Anorexia During Pregnancy Are 4 Times More Likely to Have a Child with Autism New research from Sweden has shown that women with anorexia nervosa before or during pregnancy have a greater chance of having a child with autism or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Previously, eating disorders in individuals on the spectrum have […]

February 14, 2022

ABA Therapy: A Godsend or Torment?

Autism Society to Issue a Position Paper on the Topic Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) has long been considered the “gold standard” of autism treatment. It is typically the first therapy recommended following a childhood diagnosis of autism. This is due to the large body of research to support its efficacy. Since 2019, all 50 states […]

February 07, 2022

Adults with Autism Explain Sources of Childhood Trauma

Individuals on the Spectrum Experience Trauma Differently than the Neurotypical It makes sense that individuals with autism encounter and experience childhood trauma differently than those not on the spectrum. However, little research has been conducted that demonstrates how this trauma differs for people with autism. A study published last month examined this compelling topic. A […]

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