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March 25, 2015

Tracking Devices vs. Wanderers

Wandering and elopement are serious co-occurring conditions for half of children with autism. Locator devices, barriers to elopement, and working with local first responders can help keep your child safe. So can working with your child to understand the reasons behind his or her need to elope. Senator Schumer’s Avonte’s Law will help our community […]

March 23, 2015

Trace Amounts, Mercury and Autism

 by Katie Weisman, SafeMinds Board Member I first saw a cut of Trace Amounts over two years ago.  Even then, after all the time I’d spent on mercury and autism advocacy, it resonated with me at a visceral level and reaffirmed to me that mercury was the root cause of my boys’ autism.  Watching Eric […]

March 22, 2015

SafeMinds Research for Autism Health

SafeMinds is dedicated to addressing the epidemic of autism. The SafeMinds Research for Autism Health highlights the recent science findings that can help you change practices to lower the risk or severity of autism. To your health, and those you love! Maternal Mercury Exposure A study in Environmental Health Perspectives by Emily C. Somers and […]

March 19, 2015

Pesticides in Produce

Consumer Reports’ new guidelines show you how to make the best choices for your health—and for the environment.  Across America, confusion reigns in the supermarket aisles about how to eat healthfully. One thing on shopper’s minds: the pesticides in produce. In fact, a recent Consumer Reports survey of 1,050 people found that pesticides are a […]

March 19, 2015

What’s Good for the Gut is Good for the Brain: A New Perspective on Autism

A global scientific conference on gut microbiota took place this week in Spain. Presenter Elaine Hsiao explained that autism is often marked by GI disturbance and in an animal model of autism, symptoms can be reversed with microbiome rebalancing.  What’s good for the gut is good for the brain: A new perspective on autism Read more here.

An open letter to Jimmy Kimmel from SafeMinds
March 09, 2015

An Open Letter to Jimmy Kimmel

By Heidi Roger Dear Mr. Kimmel: I am the parent of a 20-year-old son who was poisoned by the mercury in his infant vaccines and is now severely affected by autism. My daily mantra is “If we don’t laugh, we’re gonna cry,” my morning commute requires Comedy Central or Howard Stern radio and I have always enjoyed […]

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