Suicide 3 Times More Prevalent for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

February 02, 2021

Women on the Spectrum and Those with Additional Psychiatric Conditions Have an Even Higher Risk of Suicide

New research generated from Denmark has discovered a shocking new statistic. People with autism have more than three times the rate of suicide and suicide attempt compared to the general population. The Danish research team’s study also reported that females on the spectrum and individuals with additional mental health conditions have a notably higher risk of suicide. In fact, women who hold an autism diagnosis had a four-fold higher risk of suicide attempt when compared to men. Additionally, more than 90% of individuals with autism who attemped suicide or died by suicide had a co-occuring pyschiatric disorder. Another important finding from this reasearch is that unlike the general population, the risk of suicide doesn’t decrease with age for people on the spectrum. Danish experts are calling for expanded support and services for adults with autism, especially for those who have additional mental health disorders to mitigate the risk of suicide attempt throughout their lifespan.   

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