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SafeMinds Mission: To end the autism epidemic by promoting environmental research and effective treatments.

We envision a world where people with autism are safer, healthier, and more independent; and the development of moderate to severe autism can be prevented.

We are dedicated to eliminating "I Don't Know" from medical professionals vocabulary when it comes to the causation and treatment of gastrointestinal disease, seizure disorders, wandering behaviors, and suicide ideation in people with autism. Please join us to save and improve lives now.

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Autism has increased from 1 in 500 of us in 1995, to 1 in 54 in 2020. SafeMinds is focused on identifying environmental factors contributing to autism prevalence increases; finding treatments for commonly co-occurring medical conditions with autism, and researching how to prevent the development of autism.


Support SafeMinds to promote research that gets at the heart of the exponential rise in autism prevalence, educate stakeholders on the latest developments, and advocate for changes that will increase the effectiveness and accountability of Federal agencies responsible for overseeing the autism community's needs.


The U.S. Government has ducked its responsibility to find the causes of and treatments for autism. Meanwhile, autism prevalence has skyrocketed, and research shows that people with autism have a decreased life expectancy. Join us today to help make the changes our community needs.
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