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April 11, 2022

MIND Institute Reports ASD Characteristics Can Change Significantly Between Ages 3 to 11

About 50% of Children with Autism Had a Notable Change in the Severity of Their Symptoms  The Autism Phenome Project (APP) was started in 2006 at UC Davis’s MIND Institute by Research Director David Amaral. The project includes a collaboration of numerous MIND Institute faculty and staff. It is intended to gather biological and behavioral […]

Yuliia Klepets, VGO Ukraine - Disability Crisis Interview with the Brain Foundation 2
April 11, 2022

A Crisis Within a Crisis: How Individuals with ASD are Faring in War-Torn Ukraine

The Brain Foundation is Raising Money to Support Ukrainian Families Unable to Flee War Zone According to European Disability Forum estimates, there are roughly 260,000 individuals with intellectual disabilities, including autism in Ukraine. Approximately 30,000 of these individuals are in residential care homes. While women and children received priority evacuation from Ukraine at the beginning […]

April 04, 2022

COVID-19 Pandemic Caused Heartbreaking Delays in ASD Diagnoses and Treatment

Lockdowns Made an Already Difficult Situation Even Worse for At-Risk Children    A recent CNN health article has investigated the distressing effects that COVID lockdowns had on children suspected of having ASD. The piece reported that even prior to the pandemic, children across the country often waited months and, in many cases, more than a […]

April 04, 2022

COVID with Schizophrenia Proves to be a Fatal Combination for Many

New Data Indicates that Immune System Dysfunction Could be Culprit for Deadly Outcome    Shocking new research published in JAMA Psychiatry shows that individuals with schizophrenia were nearly three times as likely to die from COVID-19 as the general population. This risk of dying from the virus is higher than those with diabetes, heart disease, […]

April 04, 2022

New Brain Pathway to Fear Discovered

The Human Sensory Cortex Stores Memories of Past Frightening Experiences    Researchers from Florida State University have made a groundbreaking discovery involving fear pathways in the human brain. For years, scientists considered the amygdala to be the epicenter of fear processing in the brain. The almond-shaped brain structure was believed to be largely responsible for […]

April 04, 2022

New Minamata Convention Amendment Shields Most Vulnerable Against Amalgam Use

Provision Calls for Ending the Use of Dental Amalgam in Children and Women Who Are Pregnant or Breastfeeding    The Minamata Convention on Mercury was assembled in 2013 to produce a global agreement on controlling sources of environmental mercury. Since its inception, the international group has put together a ban on new mercury mines and […]

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