SafeMinds Funded Research

Research has always been one of SafeMinds’ core initiatives. In 1999, when SafeMinds co-founders recognized the extensive overlap between the symptoms of mercury toxicity and autism, they published an extensive literature review documenting these findings.  In so doing, SafeMinds brought the issue of environmental factors in the etiology of autism to national and international attention.

Since that time, SafeMinds leaders have diligently worked to move the science forward by writing and publishing peer-reviewed research articles, networking with leading scientists in the fields of toxicology and autism research, and funding strategic research that advances the understanding of the role of the environment in the development of autism spectrum disorders.

The overall goals of SafeMinds research initiatives are to:

SafeMinds communicates to the public regularly on these goals to raise awareness and prevent future harm. To date, SafeMinds efforts are responsible for the publication of over 20 research articles and the investment of almost $1.5 million dollars in research. The urgency of the autism epidemic requires that we all work together. Please Join Us.

Review these publications.

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