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July 15, 2024

Community Shares | July 15th 2024

The recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo, which overturned the 1984 Chevron precedent, may significantly impact the rights of people with disabilities. By ending the practice of courts deferring to federal agencies’ interpretations of ambiguous laws, this decision could lead to numerous legal challenges against existing regulations that protect disability […]

July 15, 2024

Personalized Ketogenic Diet Shows Promise for Autism and ADHD Treatment

New Study Highlights Significant Benefits in Cognition, Behavior, and Overall Well-Being for Children with Neuropsychiatric Symptoms Recent research has suggested that personalized variations of a ketogenic diet could significantly benefit children with neuropsychiatric symptoms such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and ADHD. Traditionally used for pediatric epilepsy, the ketogenic diet is now being explored for […]

July 15, 2024

New Study Links Gut Microbiome to Autism with High Diagnostic Accuracy

Researchers Identify Distinct Microbial Markers in Children with ASD, Suggesting Potential for Non-Invasive Diagnostic Tools and Improved Understanding of the Condition A comprehensive study by researchers from The Chinese University of Hong Kong confirmed a significant link between autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and the gut microbiome, including bacteria, fungi, archaea, and viruses. By analyzing fecal […]

July 08, 2024

Community Shares | July 8th 2024

A new review has investigated the potential use of immunomodulating agents to treat neuroinflammation in patients with autism, who often do not respond to standard treatments. Neuroinflammation, influenced by genetic, epigenetic, and environmental factors, is considered a significant contributor to ASD. This work highlights that some existing anti-inflammatory treatments have shown promise, including corticosteroids, intravenous […]

July 08, 2024

Study Finds More Intensive Autism Interventions Do Not Guarantee Better Outcomes

New Research Suggests Tailored, Developmentally Appropriate Approaches May Be More Effective for Young Children with Autism A new study led by the UNC School of Medicine and researchers across the country has found that higher-intensity interventions do not necessarily yield better outcomes for young children with autism. The meta-analysis, published in JAMA Pediatrics, reviewed data […]

July 08, 2024

The Wall Street Journal Reports on Record Surge in Special Education Enrollment, Straining U.S. Schools

Pandemic Disruptions and Reduced Stigma Drive Increase in Autism and Other Diagnoses A Wall Street Journal article highlights the recent surge in special education enrollments, driven by pandemic disruptions and reduced stigma, leaving U.S. schools struggling to meet the needs of a record 7.5 million students requiring these services. This increase, now comprising 15.2% of […]

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