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December 28, 2015

SafeMinds Recommends Four Work Groups to IACC at Recent Meeting

By Lisa Wiederlight, SafeMinds executive director   I had never been to a meeting of the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) in person because I had always found the discussions and presentations I saw while watching online to be very “ivory tower.”  That is, I didn’t think that what was being discussed would, in any […]

December 18, 2015

We Need to Sound the Alarm

1 in 45 American children has autism. Just three years ago, 1 in 88 children had autism. The rate has almost doubled in three years. I want to know why, and I want to stop it.  And so does SafeMinds.  SafeMinds knows that many people with Autism suffer from sometimes life-threatening co-occurring conditions, like intractable […]

November 12, 2015

SafeMinds Leadership to Present Diverse Autism Collaboration and Research Recommendations at November 17th IACC Meeting

SafeMinds new executive director Lisa Wiederlight and SafeMinds board member Albert Enayati will present oral testimony before the federal government’s Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC). IACC meetings are open to the public and include presentations and discussions on a variety of topics, including activities and projects of the IACC, recent advances in science and autism policy […]

October 21, 2015

Getting to The Truth of the Matter: Insel and the IACC

By Katie Wright, SafeMinds board member When I was a student at Boston University, I loved our college newspaper, The Daily Free Press. Independently financed, the Free Press got the inside scoop on every B.U. issue from academia, staff salaries, and cheating (by students AND faculty). The administration hated The Free Press because of its […]

October 13, 2015

SafeMinds to EPA: Environmental Equality Needed for Individuals with Autism and Developmental Disabilities

By Jackie Lombardo, SafeMinds Board Member SafeMinds is speaking out on environmental equality and appropriate services for individuals with autism and developmental disabilities. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has asked for comments to their 2016-2018 Draft Environmental Justice Interagency Working Group Framework. The Framework is designed to provide equal access to a healthy environment for […]

September 29, 2015

SafeMinds Co-Signs Pesticides Letter to EPA with Leading Environmental Groups

A letter drafted by the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) was submitted today to EPA Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP). The letter addresses the Request for Comment on the draft Pesticide Cumulative Risk Assessment: Framework for Screening Analysis. The autism advocacy group SafeMinds joined 28 environmental organizations in requesting changes to how EPA determines cumulative risk to […]

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