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November 02, 2020

Study Finds More Doctor Visits During Infancy for Children with ASD and ADHD

Electronic Medical Records Utilized to Examine Health Care Utilization Patterns  A new study from Duke University shows that children who have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and/or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) diagnosis visited the doctor or hospital more often during their first year of life compared to non-affected children. This new study, featured in […]

November 02, 2020

CBD Transdermal Gel Shows Promise for Treating ASD

Encouraging Results from Phase 2 Trial Presented at Neurology Conference  Last month, Zynerba Pharmaceuticals, Inc. presented a poster to the Joint 16th International Child Neurology Congress & 49th Annual Child Neurology Society Meeting which described data from their Phase 2 BRIGHT (An Open-Label Tolerability and Efficacy Study of ZYN002 Administered as Transdermal Gel to Children […]

November 02, 2020

Google Updates App to Help People Who Are Non-Verbal to Communicate

Action Blocks App Mimics Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices Individuals who are non-verbal now have an additional way to communicate due to a newly updated app by Google called Action Blocks. Available for Android phones, Action Blocks is set up similarly to augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices. Through a quick set up process Action […]

November 02, 2020

Advances in Medicine/Prevention for Other Diseases May Be Helpful for Autism

Same Biological Pathways Affected, Comorbidities Could Mean Autism Applicability Three recent developments in treatments and early identification for other brain disorders might have applicability to autism. This is because the biological pathways targeted are found in these other conditions as well as in autism. The scientists or companies working on these interventions are not including […]

October 27, 2020

Building Health Care Independence for Adults with Autism

University of Missouri Helps Adolescents with ASD Transition to Adult Health Care Practices Previous research has shown that young adults with autism are only half as likely to receive health care transition services (e.g. learning how to schedule a doctor’s appointment or fill a prescription) compared to young adults with other special needs. To ameliorate […]

October 27, 2020

Longer Hours Spent in Intervention Not Always Better for Toddlers with Autism

Study Shows 15-Hours vs. 25-Hours Programs per Week Had Similar Impact Until now, clinicians had no data to rely upon to guide parents of newly diagnosed toddlers with autism on the number of hours required to make behavioral improvements. That has just changed due to UC Davis Health’s newly published study in the Journal of […]

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