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ending another to my friend’s husband who stood between me and my raging son at an autism-friendly Broadway Play concession stand during intermission last week, letting Andrew dig his nails into his arm, before managing to calm Andrew down.”
April 21, 2015

The Unexpected Way This Mom is Giving Thanks

By Heidi Roger, SafeMinds Board Member I’m sending one to that guy behind the pizza counter. The one who helped Andrew after he was mistakenly left on the school bus by himself and somehow managed to pry the bus door open and cross Main Street without getting hit by a car. The pizza man could […]

April 08, 2015

SafeMinds Funded Research Discovers that Increased Biome Diversity Produces Healthier, Smarter Immune System Responses

Allergy and Autoimmunity Decreases, Without Compromising Immune Response: Conventional wisdom in modern medicine has assumed that a necessary consequence of blocking allergies and autoimmune reactions is immune system suppression, which in turn causes patients to be more vulnerable to other infections and cancers. A new study published today in PLOS ONE by Duke University researchers, and funded in part by the Coalition of SafeMinds, found that increasing biodiversity in the body via biome enrichment, known to decrease allergies and autoimmune reactions, is not immune suppressive. This discovery holds great promise to treat autoimmune diseases successfully without compromising appropriate immune responses.

April 08, 2015

Five Ways to Really Help People with Autism

By Katie Weisman, SafeMinds Board Member So, it’s Autism Awareness Month again. Hmmm…. Facebook is abuzz with posts about autism awareness. Buildings are lighting up in blue to show support for autism, while Twitter is chirping with the hashtags #autism and #awareness. There are hundreds of events around the country celebrating that more and more […]

April 02, 2015

Safe Minds Require Safe Bodies: What You Can Do for Autism Awareness Month 2015

As I write this, it’s still rainy and cold outside of my window, but I can see tiny yellow buttercups and purple chicory flowers just starting to poke their way out of the frozen ground. Every April, SafeMinds’ board takes a moment to highlight the organization’s upcoming activities and projects. I’m sending you this email […]

March 25, 2015

Tracking Devices vs. Wanderers

Wandering and elopement are serious co-occurring conditions for half of children with autism. Locator devices, barriers to elopement, and working with local first responders can help keep your child safe. So can working with your child to understand the reasons behind his or her need to elope. Senator Schumer’s Avonte’s Law will help our community […]

March 22, 2015

SafeMinds Research for Autism Health

SafeMinds is dedicated to addressing the epidemic of autism. The SafeMinds Research for Autism Health highlights the recent science findings that can help you change practices to lower the risk or severity of autism. To your health, and those you love! Maternal Mercury Exposure A study in Environmental Health Perspectives by Emily C. Somers and […]

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