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April 05, 2021

Community Shares | April 6th

The Office of Autism Research Coordination (OARC) will be holding a virtual meeting for the autism community titled: The Federal Response to COVID-19: Addressing the Needs of the Autism and Disability Communities. The event takes place on Wednesday, April 28 from 2 – 4:00 p.m. EDT.  Add a new British study to recent research that […]

April 05, 2021

Majority of Preschoolers on Psychotropic Drugs do not Receive Behavioral Therapy

Almost Half Under Age Three When Medication Started The Journal of Pediatrics recently published an online study that examined the use of psychotropic medication in preschool children diagnosed with autism. This new study had several different objectives. First, it sought to discover the percentage of preschoolers that used psychotropic medication to manage their symptoms of […]

April 05, 2021

Stimulus Payments for Social Security, SSI Beneficiaries Forthcoming

Checks Delayed Due to Social Security Administration and IRS Communication Glitch After several special needs organizations launched a successful advocacy campaign to secure stimulus relief payments for individuals who receive Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, disbursement of these $1400 checks from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been delayed. The hold up […]

April 05, 2021

Exploring Quality of Life Issues for Adults on the Spectrum

New Research Focuses on the Interplay Between Gastrointestinal, Sleep, and Social Issues At this time a year ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that autism rates in this country continue to climb. The agency then released their staggering current rate of 1 in 54 children holding an autism diagnosis. This rate […]

April 05, 2021

New Study Shows Only 4 Out of 10 Preschoolers are Prepared for Kindergarten

School Readiness Measures Reveals that 3-5 Year Olds Need More Support  Healthy and Ready to Learn (HRL) is a new initiative which examines the level of kindergarten readiness of preschoolers. A recent study published Academics Pediatrics focusing on HRL made a troubling discovery, only 42.2% of American children ages 3-5 years were considered prepared for […]

March 29, 2021

Community Shares | March 30th 2021

A new comprehensive environmental survey of pesticide loads shows that derivatives of these products are ever-present in small streams across the United States and could be contributing to far more toxic burden than experts previously thought.  A recent study reports that more extreme patterns of sensory hyperresponsiveness and hyporesponsiveness in children whose families have a […]

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