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October 13, 2020

U.S. Department of Ed Issues Documents Reminding Schools of IDEA Duties

Two Q & A Documents Provide Additional Clarification on the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act as the Pandemic Continues With an unparalleled school year in full swing, the U.S. Department of Education recently issued new documents to school districts spelling out the legal rights of students with disabilities through the coronavirus pandemic. The first document was […]

October 05, 2020

New Guide for Doctors on Creating Autism-Friendly Patient Visits

10 Tips You Can Give Your Doctor The Autism Housing Network (AHN) has produced a guide for family physicians on how to have more successful visits for their patients with autism. AHN notes that doctors have a huge impact on an individual’s experience in their office, and having a positive visit is so important, especially […]

October 05, 2020

IACC Fails to Meet for 15 months

Every Member’s Term Expired a Year Ago The Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee, also known as IACC, has long been tasked with organizing the federal government’s response to the autism crisis. The committee, made up of federal officials and members of the autism community, is now under scrutiny for failing to assemble since July 2019. Additionally, […]

October 05, 2020

Study Suggests Breastfeeding Protective Against Developing Autism

High Risk Families Should Possibly Consider Nourishing by Breast vs. Bottle In Lebanon, where breastfeeding is declining and autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are increasing, new research has come out which points to more evidence demonstrating that  breastfeeding provides a protective effect against the development of autism. This research recruited 46 children under the age of […]

October 05, 2020

Future ASD Diagnoses May Occur with the Assistance of a Smartphone

New App Incorporates Artificial Intelligence to Assist Pediatricians in Identifying Cases Cognoa, a Pediatric Behavioral Health Company, has recently requested clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for their revolutionary new smartphone app which uses artificial intelligence to help diagnose autism in children. The app works simply. A pediatrician would grant parents access […]

October 05, 2020

Could There Be an Autism Full Employment Act in 2021?

A recent column in Forbes started off by reporting on the country’s economic recovery, ended up focusing on the lack of employment initiatives for adults with autism in current or past pandemic stimulus bills. Forbes suggested that due to this oversight, a bill focused exclusively on employing adults with autism will be necessary in 2021.

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