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February 12, 2024

New Research Suggests Brain Enzyme IDO2 May Be Linked to Neurological Disorders

Mice Without IDO2 Gene Exhibited Behaviors Similar to Autism New Japanese research explores how a brain enzyme called indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase 2 (IDO2) could be related to certain complex neurological diseases, including autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The study’s design involved examining mice without the IDO2 gene to analyze how it affected their behavior. The authors found […]

February 05, 2024

Teen with Autoimmune Encephalitis Recovers Through Immunotherapy

Researchers Highlight the Importance of Distinguishing Between Autoimmune Encephalitis and ASD A recent letter to the editor published in the Journal of Clinical Neurology discusses the similarities between autoimmune encephalitis and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in pediatric cases, emphasizing the importance of an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. The authors presented a case of a […]

January 22, 2024

Maternal Use of Hormonal Contraception Up to or During Pregnancy Linked to an Increased Risk of ASD

Non-Oral Progestin-Only Birth Control Products Shown to Be Especially Problematic An extensive register-based Parental Exposures and Child Health (PECH) cohort study has discovered an increased risk of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in children associated with maternal use of any hormonal contraception up to or during pregnancy, compared to previous use (>3 months before pregnancy start). […]

January 01, 2024

New Research Shows that Deep-Brain Stimulation Improves Cognitive Function in People with TBIs

Earlier Treatment Studies Demonstrated Improvements in Chronic Depression A small, phase 1 clinical trial has shown that deep-brain stimulation via implanted electrodes can improve cognitive function in individuals who have experienced traumatic brain injuries years or decades earlier. The current trial’s design included placing electrodes in the brains of five individuals with moderate to severe […]

January 01, 2024

In-Utero Exposure to Heavy Metals Linked to Autism and Atypical Neurodevelopment

Cadmium and Cesium Shown to Be Particularly Problematic to Development Researchers from several American universities, including the MIND Institute, have recently measured maternal urinary metal levels during two different time points in pregnancy. The research team then examined the relationship between these levels and their influence on autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or non-typical development in […]

December 04, 2023

UK Research Shows a Lower Life Expectancy for Individuals with Autism

Men and Women with ASD and a Learning Disorder Die Almost 10 Years Earlier than Those without the Disorder A recent study published in The Lancet Regional Health – Europe has found that people diagnosed with autism and a learning disability in the United Kingdom are more likely to die prematurely than those without these […]

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