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August 14, 2023

Community Shares | August 14th 2023

A new interview with Dr. Judy Van de Water, discusses the new test MARAbio designed to detect and prevent Maternal Autoantibody Related Autism (MARA). The MARAbio test is based on a proprietary set of autoantibodies that are present in the blood of a significant percentage (20%) of mothers with children on the spectrum. Van de […]

August 14, 2023

New Research Shows Service Dogs Don’t Just Benefit Individuals with Autism

Companion Dogs Provide Strength, Stability and Enhanced Social Functioning for the Entire Family Researchers affiliated with the University of Arizona recently explored the experiences of caretakers of children with autism who are involved in a service dog program (Canine Companions). Their qualitative study discovered that a service dog’s benefit goes beyond the impacted child and […]

August 14, 2023

Prenatal Exposure to Antibiotics May Increase the Risk of Developing ADHD and ASD

Late Preterm and Term Infants Realized the Most Significant Impact of Exposure A recent study conducted in Taiwan has found a positive association between exposure to prenatal antibiotics and the subsequent development of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) during childhood. The study examined the relevance of the timing of exposure and the […]

August 07, 2023

Community Shares | August 7th 2023

A study led by Kaiser Permanente has found an association between autism-related traits in children and mothers who experienced depression while pregnant. Using data from the Environmental influences of Child Health Outcomes (ECHO) program, researchers found that children whose mothers had prenatal depression were more likely to exhibit social, communication and behavioral issues. The study […]

August 07, 2023

Another Study Concludes that Labor Epidural Analgesia Is Linked to Autism

Fickle Findings from Recent Research Leave Parents Wondering Which Results Are Correct Over the past three years, SafeMinds has covered five studies investigating epidural anesthesia use during labor and its neurodevelopmental effect on offspring. The results of these studies have been inconsistent, with one study finding a direct association between epidurals and autism, one finding […]

August 07, 2023

University Attendance Reduces Autistic Traits for Students on the Spectrum

Reduction Most Likely Due to Newly Gained Attention Switching Skills A study conducted by researchers at Bar-Ilan University, Israel, discovered that students with autism reported a decrease in their self-reported autistic traits after attending university for one academic year. This new research found a robust reduction in autism trait levels in three out of five […]

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