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October 10, 2021

Is There No Risk or a Slight Risk Between Epidurals and Autism?

Two New Studies Are Interpreted Two Different Ways For the most part, two large studies published last month rejected an association between epidural anesthesia given to mothers in labor and the development of autism in their children. Both studies were recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Interestingly, each of these new […]

October 10, 2021

Bugs as Drugs? One Biotech Company is Banking on It!

Newly Developed Pharmaceutical Hopes to Treat Autism Via Gut Health Indiana-based Scioto Biosciences Inc. is in a Phase 1B clinical trial with a new therapeutic aiming to treat autism via gut health. Their new product, SB-121, is designed to develop communities of good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. These bacteria should exist in most people’s […]

October 03, 2021

Community Shares | October 5th, 2021

Close to 100 doctors and scientists issued a consensus statement last month warning of possible associations between the use of acetaminophen (Tylenol) during pregnancy and developmental problems in children. The group is advocating for clinicians and regulators to change their guidelines on acetaminophen use during pregnancy while more research is conducted to determine the full […]

October 03, 2021

October 9 is PANS PANDAS Awareness Day

Every year patients with PANS PANDAS go too long undiagnosed and without appropriate treatment. But you can help ASPIRE to change that. Whether you have been diagnosed with PANS PANDAS or care about someone who has, we invite you to share your voice in the fight against this devastating but treatable disorder.

October 03, 2021

Almost 20% of Autism Caregivers Give Their Child CBD Products

Autism Parenting Magazine recently conducted an international survey which discovered that 18.6% of caregivers to children with autism use CBD products with their child. The survey was sent to more than 160,000 of the magazine’s email subscribers.

October 03, 2021

Study Shows Oxidative Stress and Impaired Methylation are Hallmarks of ASD

Building upon a previous study which demonstrated that gene expression of B12 and folate-dependent enzyme methionine synthase was lower in individuals with autism, a new study has shown that oxidative stress (i.e. low antioxidant levels) and impaired methylation are telltale signs of autism.

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