Top 10 Issues Regarding Autism and Employment

August 01, 2022

Advice for Helping an Adult with Autism Get a Job

Verywell Health recently published a list of 10 issues that can help an adult with autism (or parents of adults with autism) understand the challenges they may face when searching for employment. This much-needed list also includes resources that can lend support when looking for a job.

Most Adults with Autism are Underemployed. This Is Due to:

School Sevices End at Age 22

Transition-to-Adulthood Programs Are Few

Adult Services Vary by Location

State and Federal Agencies Are Just Starting to Understand Autism

Tap Into Informational and Advocacy Resources

Employment Choices Should Be Self-Directed

Job Options Depend on Abilities and Challenges. Consider these factors:

Look for New Upcoming Job Opportunities

Prepare for Success, Which Includes:

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