Therapeutic Farming Provides Benefits for Individuals with ASD and IDD

September 18, 2023

The Care Farming Network Is Holding Virtual Meetings on Starting Care Farms

Care Farming, also known as Social Farming or Social Care Farming, is a therapeutic farming practice for people with special needs, including those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). This practice, common in the UK and Europe, allows individuals with needs to build confidence and self-esteem through farming. Several types of Care Farms exist, including animal husbandry, flower growers, fruit/orchard production, greenhouse/nursery, and vegetable farms. The Care Farming Network is an American organization that aims to introduce people to care farming by connecting new and established agricultural programs to build capacity, increase quality, and provide technical support for these types of programs. The network’s resources include consultations, a US Care Farm Directory and Map, tools for learning and growth, and a supportive community. On Wednesday evenings throughout September, the Care Farming Network is hosting the Beginning Care Farmer Virtual Series. These free webinars will cover the following topics: Exploring Business Models: Nonprofit, For-Profit, or Partnership, Facility and Land Options: What’s Right for You, and How do I Fund a Care Farm. 

About the Care Farming Network

Beginning Care Farmer Virtual Series

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