Children with Autism Experience Memory Challenges that Go Beyond Social Recall

July 24, 2023

Recall Issues Linked to Distinct Brain Wiring Problems Could Also Affect School Work

New research from the Stanford School of Medicine sheds light on memory difficulties experienced by children with autism. The study found that compared to their peers, kids on the spectrum struggled to manage memory tasks, including recalling faces, words and other types of information. The authors traced these memory deficits to hyperconnected brain circuitry. Specifically, they found aberrant hippocampal connectivity contributing to diminished general memory, while aberrant posterior cingulate cortex connectivity predicted diminished face memory. Notably, aberrant hippocampal-posterior cingulate cortex circuitry was a common feature of diminished general and face memory in autism spectrum disorder. These deficits make socializing challenging since it requires recalling an event’s details and associating emotions specific to that incident. Ultimately, these findings suggest that memory challenges may be a more significant issue for kids with autism than generally recognized and should be considered in special education plans and other services for children on the spectrum. 

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