Autistic and Aging Out

October 03, 2013

Although the subject of the story and video posted here today is not part of the SafeMinds mission, I wish to share them here on my blog page as I believe it will touch many people inside and outside of the autism community.   I have more than 16 years of experience with doctors, scientific studies, government agencies, supplements, therapies, school systems, etc in my autism tool belt.  None of that prepared me in any way for what is happening now. Since Andrew turned 18, I suffered through establishing guardianship and the just as distasteful million hours at the local Social Security office to get him approved for that and Medicaid.  The aging out and finding work and future residential placements are now staring me in the face and are far more horrific.  Apparently the Extreme Sports portion of the Autism experience has finally arrived.  I suspect I am not alone in this phase and hope that publishing this piece will make anyone else facing this feel just a little less alone.  Watch the Autistic and Aging Out video.


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