Almost 20% of Autism Caregivers Give Their Child CBD Products

October 03, 2021

Over 30% of ASD Users Started During the Pandemic

Autism Parenting Magazine recently conducted an international survey which discovered that 18.6% of caregivers to children with autism use CBD products with their child. The survey was sent to more than 160,000 of the magazine’s email subscribers. Their data showed that American caregivers are using CBD more than other nations. Over 22% of American caregivers use CBD compared to 14.29% of UK caregivers and 15.45% of caregivers in the rest of the world.  

CBD usage by country

The survey additionally reported that the reasons caregivers utilized CBD with their child varied. Over 40% of respondents said they used it to relieve anxiety. Approximately 37% started using the substance to assist with challenging behaviors, 5% cited pain relief and inflammation, 8% said sleep and relaxation, and 4% used it to help control seizures. 

Methods of CBD delivery also varied. Oil (oral drops and topical sprays) was the most popular format, with just over 60% of respondents using that technique. Over 21% of respondents used gummies and topicals, 7.5% used capsules or tablets, 5.1% used lotions or balms, and 1.9% used vape. 

Teenagers made up the lionshare of users, approximately 42%. However, over 20% of caregivers were using CBD with their toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary aged children. 

The survey asked if caregivers started using CBD during the Covid-19 pandemic. Over 30% reported that was the case. Over 16% of respondents disclosed that they have increased the amount of CBD they give their child since the pandemic started. 

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