New Study Reveals COVID-19 Restrictions Greatly Affected Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

September 29, 2020

Caregiver Survey Reported Losses of Educational and Healthcare Services

Researchers from UCLA, Rutgers University and the National Institute of Mental Health recently released a study showing that individuals with developmental disabilities have experienced critical losses of educational and medical therapies since the coronavirus stay-at-home orders began last March.  By using a survey in which 818 caregivers responded, the researchers established that since restrictions began, 74% of respondents reported losing at least one therapy or educational service and 36% lost access to a healthcare provider. Perhaps even more disturbing, only 56% of respondents reported that their child had at least some continued education through remote learning. Implying that the other  44% were not receiving any educational services at all. Caregivers also disclosed that while utilizing telehealth (both telemedicine and tele-education) was helpful, supplemental assistance such as 1:1 video conference sessions and access to 1:1 aides inside the home increased success.

Original Study

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