Ugg Boots Launches New Line of Footwear for People with Special Needs

October 19, 2020

Bootmaker and Zappos Convened Focus Groups to Assist in Product Designs

Ugg Boots become ubiquitous across the country as cooler weather arrives. For decades, people of all ages have adored these simply designed boots, especially for keeping their feet warm. This year, Ugg has expanded its market by launching an inclusive collection of boots for both adults and children with disabilities. The Ugg Universal line has the same appearance as other Ugg boots but features oversized double zippers, toggle-adjusted stretch laces, and rear pull tabs to make putting on boots as easy as possible. The line will be sold through a partnership between Ugg and internet shoe selling giant Zappos, who launched Zappos Adaptive in 2017. In order to meet the needs of this special community, the companies brought together focus groups of individuals with different abilities to design the Ugg Universal boot line which will sell between $130 and $170. 

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