COVID-19 Pandemic Caused Heartbreaking Delays in ASD Diagnoses and Treatment

April 04, 2022

Lockdowns Made an Already Difficult Situation Even Worse for At-Risk Children 


A recent CNN health article has investigated the distressing effects that COVID lockdowns had on children suspected of having ASD. The piece reported that even prior to the pandemic, children across the country often waited months and, in many cases, more than a year to receive an autism diagnosis and start treatment. These delays became even worse during COVID lockdowns, as many parents refused in-home services due to the fear of contagion. The report also mentioned that virtual sessions, meant to diagnose and treat, weren’t used very often since they don’t work well for young children, especially if they are non-verbal. This left very few options for families to have their children evaluated. In addition to these challenges, therapy providers struggled with staffing problems during the early months of the pandemic and with fewer clients many providers shut their doors forever. The report points out that these delays may have long-lasting effects for the youngest cohort of children on the spectrum, as early treatment for autism can be critical for a child’s long-term development.  


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