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Best Tips from Top Doctors and Nurses: What experts want you to know about your child diagnosed with autism
October 29, 2014

Best Tips from Top Doctors and Nurses: What experts want you to know about your child diagnosed with autism

By Maureen McDonnell, R.N. Last week Lyn Redwood wrote a parent-to-parent post for families whose children have recently been diagnosed with autism. Though many of this site’s readers, supporters, and friends have older children with autism, our team of volunteers at SafeMinds is trying hard to reach out to the next generation of autism moms […]

October 16, 2014

How to Buy a Healthy Couch

By Jackie Lombardo, SafeMinds board member Flame retardants. Sound like a great concept, eh? Only, there seems to be problem… When renowned scientist Arlene Blum’s cat Midnight was diagnosed with thyroid disease in 2007, she was eager to find out the cause. A mountaineer and motivational speaker, Blum also had a doctorate in biophysical chemistry […]

October 02, 2014

13 Ways to Fix Your Life

By Alison MacNeil, guest blogger and co-author, Thinking Moms Revolution: Autism Beyond the Spectrum That got your attention, didn’t it? We all want to find the keys to the happiness kingdom. The daily slog is freaking hard, our lives are being held together by dental floss, and we parents with children on the autism spectrum, […]

Something Fishy
June 19, 2014

The Fishy Truth: How Much Fish Should You Eat?

By Eric Uram, Executive Director, SafeMinds I’m an avid, life-long angler. For those of you used to buying fish wrapped and ready from the grocery store, an “angler” is a fancy word for someone who uses a hook (“angle”) and line to fish, plus it has the benefit of not being sexist for those who […]

June 11, 2014

Summer Fun Without Toxic Chemicals: How to Have a Safe and Healthy Summer With Your Kids

By Jackie Lombardo, SafeMinds Board Member First a confession: I was clueless about the extent to which toxic chemicals filled my everyday life until I was in my late 30s. I had my hands full with three kids in five years. My kids sucked on plastic toys as babies, we shamelessly swung through fast-food dives […]

October 01, 2013

Green Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting: A Toolkit for Early Care and Education

The University of California, San Francisco, Institute for Health and Aging, Informed Green Solutions and the Center for Environmental Research and Children’s Health introduce their new publication. Nearly 11 million children under age 5 spend time in some type of child care arrangement each week. Children may spend an average of 35 hours a week in […]

August 06, 2013

Are there safer ways to vaccinate our children?

By Maureen McDonnell, BS, RN “There are unanswered questions about vaccine safety. We need studies on vaccinated populations based on various schedules and doses as well as individual patient susceptibilities that we are continuing to learn about. No one should be threatened by the pursuit of this knowledge. Vaccine policy should be the subject of […]

August 02, 2013

Keep children with autism safe

I’ll never forget the night , I set my son down during an evening little league game of his brothers and he started to wander off.  I watched him intently knowing from past parenting experience that after going about 10 feet in the dark he would realize he was outside his comfort zone and begin […]

July 01, 2013

Tips for Getting Healthy Before Getting Pregnant

By Maureen McDonnell, BS, RN Optimal Nutrition: In addition to working with a naturally-oriented health care practitioner for  an individualized health assessment and testing, one of the best things a woman considering pregnancy can do is give herself six months to a year to “clean up” her diet and lifestyle.  Laying the foundation of health […]

May 02, 2013

Selling Sickness and Pharmed Out

As more people become aware of the dark-side of the pharmaceutical industry’s efforts to market their products, an extraordinary series of conferences have been taking place to address to the troubling issue. Most recently, Selling Sickness 2013: People before Profits, brought together more than 225 scholars, healthcare reformers, consumer/patient advocates, journalists, attorneys, and public health officials from around […]

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